My Plea

MY PLEAThere was a time when through dark lanes I walked,

My great fear that shadows might snuff me out

Alone, inside, on my dusty road I stalked

I sought the truth that promised crucifixion of all doubt.

A poignant scene awoke me from my reverie with a jolt

Sweat dripping from my nightclothes like a river poured

Cold and hot excitement as a bullet chambered by the bolt

The vision of my beloved woman my whole soul adored.

Long it was since we began our fiery fest

That brought to close all doubts, and longer still

Walked we hand in hand together in our quest

Absorbed in mind and heart which both our love did fill.

Days, weeks, months loved we with equal passioned breath,

Memories branded immortal in our hidden thought

Those were the days our very selves given up in death

Would be too small a token of our love paid thus and bought—

Now it seems our steamy course has slowed its pace

Our blood no longer rushes to inflame gentle body parts                                               

Flush of anger more oft reddens fair complected face

Our heads contrive the words we exchange, not our hearts.

In your absence my very soul cries out, tears rage on.

I’ve squeezed the life from the one I’ve held as dear

An abyss of proportioned horror splits my self now you are gone

I lie hopeless, empty, besieged with all life’s fear                                              

If I could change the hated deeds that to you I’ve cruelly done,

Bring you back that we might finish life embraced

To any cost I would accomplish be it all I own

So small a price I offer you — heart’s poverty abased.

                Jon jacobs

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