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Woman with hemorrhage
July 15, 2009

The slender 28 year old girl turned the corner in the large crowd following the new prophet everyone was talking about. She was so tired she could hardly keep pace. Her town of 3000 knew her, knew everyone. Their histories, families, sins, shortcomings, and what they could contribute. Her hair was braided today. Unlike other women, she took daily bathes, and had for twelve years. Such a hard road. Her friends had children to love, to hold, to raise. She had no husband. So many years of visits to the physicians. 

 After years of special eastern concoctions that did not help, the leech therapy began. After six months and no progress, they stopped, just before she broke her wrist. The bones were so brittle. If she could have gone to Sabbath ceremonies or prayed with a priest, some hope would have been held out. Not allowed. No Sabbath worship
for 12 years. She carried her little bag of cloths to be changed during the day. Is this my life? Will I never stop bleeding? Will I never have children? Will I ever be married? Will I ever be able to worship God with my neighbors and friends?
She had to push to get closer to this Jesus. Stories told of miracles of healing children, of healing leprosy. Could he tell her something? Pray for her? Touch her and change her life? The crowds were dense. Her heart was pounding and little strength was left but she was so close. Something spoke to her in her heart. She did not know what this experience was, but a glimpse of Jesus’ face made her smile. So one last effort, possibly the last ever in her life, she plunged forward, but fell at his back. There was His robe. “I must touch it. I know I will be judged for it, I am unclean. But if I don’t, I will simply die in this state of disgrace”. 

 She reached her little arm as far as she could, just enough to touch the robe. With thousands around, she felt unnoticed.  But there was a shock. No,, not a shock of pain, of joy. She felt it. Strongly. So, so strongly. Jesus turned amidst the throng and looked at her. He looked at her. Peace washed over her. Then he said, “”Who touched me?” No one admitted, and Peter said, “There are hundreds pushing against you”. Jesus said, “Someone did touch me, because I felt power go out from me.” She could not hide. 

  With great effort she stood up. She came directly before Jesus. Thoughts of the priestly condemnation, and of friends, family, came through her mind. She felt totally different in a new, fresh way. The pain in her abdomen was gone. She told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Jesus smiled and said, “Dear woman,” (no one had said those words for many years) “you are made well because you believed.  Go in peace.”   

  Peace. Peace. Given a new life, and given peace by this miracle worker, Jesus. Now she could go to Sabbath celebrations. Now she could live her life as He meant for it to  be.


Jon jacobs