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July 7, 2013


Just where does it begin,
And where end,
This stuff of reality?
The forward part of my mind says now
is here,
Surrounding time of before and after
Never were,
Then never will be—
I know it is not so.
The backward portion sees
The past as through smoked glass,
Weeding out rotten-apple memories
Planting carnations and violets
In fields of forgotten vignettes,
Special moments longed for—
Mind’s eye lanes less traveled,
Lacing lost love forests…
Or perhaps not lost,
Just laid aside, a bit overgrown
Forever watered by the babbling
Bitter-sweet passions meandering by.
Follow it–follow it past the now
Into the year’s end hopes—
The goal so highly sought,
The wandering, the journey,
This is the now.
The reality I’ve looked so long for.
I glance here and over there, all about,
For someone’s hand to pull, to push, to