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April 3, 2013


Could she have known?
It was in her eyes
And some brief moments
Years gone by
It flickers still..
That smile, innocent longing,
Distant, familiar gaze.

My deepest self knows
It will have been…
No, it was the worldʼs greatest love story.
The story lingers
Between mid-waking twilight hours
When dreams are dreams
And substance, too.
My heart still aches
Peering through cobwebbed remembrance
Around corners too painful to turn,
Down sandy roads too pristine to mar
With my lone footsteps.

Little beads of sweat
Line up indian-file
Along furrows of a once-youthful brow.
How I would that we had coalesced,
Joining, drifting, following the lay of the land
Simply for togetherness
Not caring about final destination.

Whether by my selfishness,
Her trepidation,
Or anotherʼs scorn,
I will never know,
But suspect all three
Were the brickmasons
Of the wall erected.

It was May.
Winter bleakness blown away,
Light breezes swelling the air,
Demure sweetness scenting flowered fields.
My soul became an unleashed falcon.
This time my gaze did not pass through her, beyond her.
She absorbed me completely…

Hurricane Hugo
November 18, 2012


The winds blew…
I saw them all around,
Felt them tear at the soul of the land
Ancient sentries snapped, and snapped
The trees bowing down before its fury
Not in worship but in submission
Their exalted years surrendering
Mustering not even a silent curse
Something left with the winds
Stripping all creatures from the
In awe exhausted men gaped.
Empty, desolate, wasted
“It was like a war zone”
Though few had seen a battle
The ache was for a loved one lost
Torrents of rain and tears
Blurred visions
Blinded by cataracts of memories
Strewn as seaweed along endless
Old photographs, bits of others’ lives
Knew no boundaries or surveyors’
Like stray dogs they had wandered
Deposited as evidence of unforgettable
Now is the hour
Birth and death lie separated
By a narrow ravine of time
Over which we may jump
Or crawl
Or glide.
By wings eternal
I will glide.

Anarchy of the Heart
November 15, 2012


How long did senseless reign
Of feeling rule the heart?
Where all actions purposed
Deep within they start
Up from the center ushered
Protocol to write
To copy out in longhand
Dictums penned in spite
For no discerning cause
Reason then had fled
Data, schedules, certainty
Spewed forth, wasted, bled
As smiles of meaning crept then
When dawning thought birthed slow
Flew right in releasing
Kilowatts aglow
So what’s the better way now?
Is it copy, hard and fast?
Or by our sight and sound selves
Governed, decided, cast
Moving towards our eighty years
Paragraphed by rest stops
Taking in the scenery
Chuckled forbearance adopts
Chaos gone awry now
To order given way
Once anarchy of the heart
In peace holds fact at bay.

November 12, 2012


Whispers in breathless air
To a yearning ear
A heart that breathes its own pity
Beating not for itself
But for another
Who knows not its loneliness
Nor sees its loveliness
Hope is in the beating itself
That emanates the very life
Which drives it onward
Offering soft messages to its beloved
Yearning for them to be captured,
Enjoyed, understood, caressed, savored
Matrixed, enmeshed as a vine and lattice
That is who I am
No more
No less
But all that
For you.

Coffee house
October 23, 2012


We sit in quiet wonderment
‘Round square candlelit tables
Pondering the meaning
Of paradoxical fables
Wrought by understanders
Played upon guitar
Questioning, answering
Who and what we are
We come a little closer
Not so much, but some
Ferreting out life-truths
Then half the battle’s won.
Half the war is fought
Half the battle played
Just half the people realize
Our lives are but half-made
To search
To ponder
To answer
And then
To question…

October 21, 2012


That’s the smallest jot,
The littlest tittle,
That looms to enormity
Under my electron microscope
Of hope
Of joy
Of seeing my crumb of self
In the mirror
Larger than life,
The flaws,
The in-humility,
Rarified heartbeats
Character at once broken
Yet fully alive
Feeding others,
Stuffing myself,
Overshadowed by the mundane,
Shrieking at narcissism,
Calmed by a single voice…
“It’s OK. Come closer…”
No longer trivial,
It is me.

What is Night?
October 6, 2012


What is night that I should sleep,

Closing my eyes, and not see thee?

What is day that I should arise,

And not see thee with my eyes wide as owls’?

What is love, that I not take you in arms,

Breathe against thy breast?

Or should I, that I not breathe at all,

To feel your very soul close by?

What is life without thee

That I should do all things in solitude,

Would be existence only,

That desert spent,

A solitary star midst uncountable nebulae,

Cold, oh, so cold…

You are the sun that heats me,

The wind that cools me,

The water that washes me,

The wings that give me flight…..

September 29, 2012


I spotted a Dalmatian
Who did not appreciate my artistry
He disagreeably snarled
At my tapestry
Ate my brush
Along with precious black enamel
I was relieved
Upon as mongrels will
My pants dripped
I, standing still
Observing brilliant spots
Too cowardly
Unequipped to simply jot
My name on his artistry
All I could exclaim:
Dog gone!


September 29, 2012


A thousand roses would I give you,

Buy the whole red fragrant field

In some fair glen

To seal your heart

Set it afire and amend

The hurts, the wounds

The tears I’ve served

Sweet melody, golden lass

Hues of cream and primrose mingled

Draped in ivory silk for skin

It is you I smell and feel

And talk to in my dreams

You I dance with my whole life through

Come dance with me…

Bottled Love
September 28, 2012

A bottle of green love
Lay docile on my dresser
While shafts of languid light
Pushed through its smoky sides.
It must have thought, as bottles think That days are given solely to drink Nostalgic moments in sips
Of impassioned memories.
It never travels far
This timeless, dust-covered jar,
Ne’er far save in spirited light-years Voyaged with past lovers’ eyes and ears
Hearts endeared and lives enshrined
In lead crystal, clear as now
Opalescent past, and future, too.
But you, you the clarity constrained Until one day it dropped and drained. The decanter slowly emptied,
Its bright green gave way
To sweet air clear
The jar still sits, quite happily, queer Like a Mona Lisa smile it winks Pondering your wonderment.