I am here. After decades of somnambulism.

Yes, I am a  relative of Edgar Allen Poe (“The Raven”, “Goldbug Island”, etc) on my paternal mother’s side.

I hope his genes fit me well…


Except murder, you name it, I’ve done it.
Well, no bungee-cording, parachuting, spellunking, rock climbing – yet.


Too many to list
lathe work, wood, metal, pens, objects
actor (only 1 movie but, yes, commercials!)
magic tricks and shows
Play guitar – 6 and 12 string, sing, harmonica
electronics- making projects
golf, tennis, pool, cards, fencing, running(well, no longer); backgammon
guns, archery, blowguns
fly helicopters, fixed wing planes
gadgets, lockpicking
computer programming and repair

Favorite Music:

late 60’s, early 70’s
folk, folk rock
Simon/Garfunkle, Gordon lightfoot, Jim Croce, Denver, Collins,
PPMary, Dilerious, Christian folk, Bebo Norman, mild rock
Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Enya
Christine Levine, Crash Test Dummies

Favorite TV Shows:

What’s a TV?

Well, “Bang therory” (great about 4 nerds and a curvaceous blond complimentary actress);
“Computer Guy”,
Do It Yourself;
Fr. Corapi on ETWN cable channel
two and a half men
Craig Ferguson – late night comedian

Favorite Movies:

Dangerous Beauty
Star Wars
Indiana Jones – all
Lord of the Rings
Dumb and Dumber
When Harry met Sally
French Kiss
What Dreams May Come
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Total Recall
Fight Club
Never Ending Story
Fifth Element
the Passion (Mel Gibson)

Favorite Books:

Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)
Prince of Tides
Backgammon for Blood
The Cost of Discipleship
Pascal’s Pensees
Blue like Jazz
The Source
Purpose Driven Life
The Jesus I Never Knew – Phillip Yancey
Brother Lawrence
The Life You’ve Always Wanted – John Ortberg
The Shack – william younng
Jerulalem Bible

Favorite Quotations:

God, Please make me the person my dog thinks I am…

Don’t take life so seriously. It isn’t permanent…

“The first shall be last…the last shall be…well, really, really LATE.”

About Me:

I am a listener. I smile a lot. Eternal optimist and dreamer. I am quiet but I am there. I am sometimes excitable. And I am everywhere. Life is an adventure but death is even more so.Here is beautiful but Eternity is indescribable. Come, journey with me.

Contact Information


EditEdit Contact Information




Education and Work

EditEdit Education and Work

Grad Schools:


High School:




surgical and cosmetic dermatology

Time Period:

February 1982 – Present


charleston, SC


Dermatology, Surgical dermatology, Cosmetic dermatology, laser, Botox, Fillers, hair removal, veins, skin cancer, growth removal, facial rejuvenation (large total face, neck, and small wrinkle removal with latest VPL device, painless removal hemorrhoids with infra-red device, in-office surgical treatment of rhynophyma (W.C. Fields’  nose) and other procedures


W.S. Hall Psychiatric Institute



Time Period:

July 1972 – May 1973


Columbia, SC


Research in Thorazine (psychiatric drug) uptake and dissemination (named in Journal of )Pathology-published)
research in Lie Detection in schizophrenia, bipolar, etc

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