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September 11
September 11, 2016


September 11, the radical operation
On a country infected by a silent disease
The scalpel that carved out a cancer:
The indifference of our souls

Smoke billowed heavenward,
Prayers crying for comfort
For answers to why
From the towers pierced
By our own supreme technology.

Blind cataracts of our mundane milieu
Crumbled in those early hours.
Days we cried for reasons
Of unanswerable horrors
Inflicted by an entity yet unknown

Who is my brother?
He who raced into the buildings
He who sifted through the ashes
Weeping for those he never knew
The brave who stood up to terror in the sky
Men, women, who now stand vigilant as protectors

Amber waves of grain,
Her purple mountains
A nation grounded on God’s love
America gathers a people once again
United in bonded brotherhood
We will ever stand firm

Johnkul007. 10/20/12