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A Day without Her
July 24, 2015

A Day Without Her
A day without her is an eclipse
Shrouded umbrance without sunshine
A parched journey
Into desert wasteland
Seeing as a colorblind man
Watching the brilliance of a rainbow
Perceiving only variegations of brown
It is to travel under clouds
To feel cold rain on dry skin,
Shiver without arms to warm and caress,
To long without fulfillment
A gnawing emptiness etching a clay heart
Is a journey into unknowing
Without hope for the future
Reminded only of past’s bliss
It is unbearable
It is unrequited love
I love her as an eternal soul mate
None other can take her place
None other ever will.
                  jon jacobs

July 24, 2015

Your eyes cannot your love
Nor hands belie gentle moods
Your very breath in syncopated
Moves in concert with heaving
      breast, exudes
Your very soul, peninsular and
With all the seas that mold your
      mortal being,
Shape the tenderness expounded
By your smile, your passion, your
     joy beyond all seeing.
Who shall receive this packet,
     rich and fair?
Would he be worthy of the golden
Extruding from every pore and
     without care
Heals those whose fortunes
     summon stroking palm
Inebriating sentences long ago
To pacify the ills that strangle
     future’s calm?
I am he who seeks that longing
To encumber me with all of you
That I am not worthy to embrace
Living eternally with never the
     thought of final adieu
                   jon jacobs