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October 30, 2014


You captivate me
Like the sound of the sea,
Engulf me
As the rolling waves,
Fly high above me
Free as the Seagulls,
Lie beneath me
As my foundation,
The very sands of the earth.
You turned gently beside me
The heavy velour shirt and pants
Covering your softness.
I crushed your contour with my fingertip… Lightly
You dozed… I snuggled. Sometime in the night
You got up and looked at the.
I looked at you.
You dozed… I snuggled.
Hours I lay next to you
Kissing lightly, stroking softly
You wiggled… I snuggled.
I remember dawn creeping over
the ocean
Seeing your beauty in the first
Finally I rolled toward you
Burying my face on your neck
You rolled onto your back.
I hovered over you
Like a summer fog.

October 30, 2014


A thousand roses would I give you,
Buy the whole red fragrant field
In some fair glen
To seal your heart
Set it afire and amend
The hurts, the wounds
The tears I’ve served
Sweet melody, golden lass
Hues of cream and primrose mingled
Draped in ivory silk for skin
It is you I smell and feel
And talk to in my dreams
You I dance with my whole life through
Come dance with me…

Sunlit afternoon
October 30, 2014

Muted afternoon sunlight
Filtered through weathered blinds
In our honeymoon room.
Separated Corrugated umbrage Falling across white sheets
Contoured by your form underneath Brings everything and nothing:
In the beginning all the hopes and
dreams of a lifetime —
In the end are fettered by funds,
friends, forms, children….
Lying on your back, belly exposed,
You are so vulnerable,
Your dreams shining brighter than
your pearly whites,
Not brushed away by your impeccable
dental hygiene…

i never knew the lilt of your faint West
Virginia accent
Until you used it to compliment Aunt
I glanced at you speaking,
Then drank you in longingly.
I was a name and address
And You were a large place in the

Fresh carp
October 30, 2014

fresh carp for sale,
for escargot to assail;
far cargo foreign sail;
and all that on a Wednesday