That Old Coat


I’ve seen it worn so many times
A hand-me-down from old friends
Where have they gone?
So fashionable the pattern
When it was brand spankin’ new
A flare, the cut, herring weave, too
The hint of sexy and dashing dare.

That old coat.
Less fashionable now
But functional, and “proper”
Befits the airs of the civic-minded
Career-focused, briefcase-swinging
Yes, practical, economical it is.

That old coat…
Comfortable, a little threadbare
But oh, so warm
Huddled on a bench
Beside longtime friends
Discussing politics
And the kids these days
Watching as the leaves fall
Our stone bench an island.

Those were the days
Money, sex, and power
The coat’s kept me well,
Dressed for all occasions
Now it just touches other old coats
Shoulder to shoulder
And winks at winter coming
Once again.

jon jacobs

2 Responses

  1. Your a natural…

  2. enthralling… especially love the last lines, “shoulder to shoulder” and “winks at winter coming”. Makes me want to find “that old coat” now that the winter train is fast approaching…

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