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June 27, 2013


What is a fool?.
I am a fool.
Can a fool recognize himself,
Or must others always point it out?
Does the realization come suddenly
Like an explosion in a tomato factory
Covering him with malodorous red rottenness? Does it creep on like algae in a stagnant pond? Can a fool feel?
Can a fool fool?
How long does a fool live?
For himself? For others?
How do you discard a fool,
Rid yourself of the malignant little bother?
A little enticement and he lingers by,
Like the unpleasant smell of old English Leather Too copiously applied.
He’ll die of dehydration—
Millions of silent tears—
How do you know a fool?
Ask one.
Ask me. I know.
I am a fool.

Jon Jacobs

June 4, 2013


Torrential rain shouts at me
From my windshield
Deafening, blinding
Awash after thirty miles of free fall
Suicidal to final impact
Now lying in limp puddles
Reflecting dark clouds above
Glistening brightly jagged bolts
Deaf to their resounding voices
Ready for rolling, round rubber
As final dissipation.

Flowers open their mouths
Drinking wetness
Perspiring fragrance
Smiling in color
Swaying under pelting massage
Calling dinner to butterflies
Dreaming of the gentle teen
They will adorn as bold corsage.
Life again eternal.
Called by the sun
For another journey.

Golden Girl
June 4, 2013


In Days of Dreams and Fantasies
When Balmy Spring blows through
I cast my thoughts out to the wind
That bears them searching you.
Finding yours they light caress
Brush fingers through your hair
Then crawl neatly beside your mind
To feel the way you care.

They seek you out long weeks gone by Straining each silent hour
Listening for the sibilant chords
That mark your song’s strange power The arias playing cacophonic
Waft to melody
Your azure eyes discovered here
Beam forth your symphony.

The vision of that Golden One
Danced and laughed, then knew
My simple mind laid bare before her Exposed, naked, true.
She intuited, saw in the lair
Hiding ecstasies long buried
Her searching eyes peered past my
My patchwork world she queried.

Viewed it through windows of my eyes, Gazed beyond my soul,
Flickering light burned brightly still
My love, my life, my whole—
She reached out her hand to touch Wresting him from the night
He reposed ‘longside at last
Nestled next down-soft delight

Quelling endless void within,
Warmth and depth swept clear
Present Vision real arms held,
Gently drew him near
Her sweet scent swirled full around him Drugging him with her smell
He now knew he couldn’t loose her Turn, turn, life’s carrousel!

Beach getaway
June 3, 2013


Sunshine drew tall shadows on undulant sand
I was taller than you
You giggled louder
Our smiles raced each other to dimples
And both won
Looking at you horizontally
On a warm blanket
Under molten sunlight
Gave new perspective
To your loveliness
You showed me your hair
I caressed its softness
We both said “ouch”
As we rolled over the sand spurs
You purred
While I sighed
Holding you in my arms
Is completion of a completely beautiful day
The sound of your voice,
Of the waves,
Of my heartbeat,
Coalesce in wonderment
The wonderment of love.

Jon Jacobs