An Evening of French


Rivulets of conversation
Drip like honey from your smile
Splashing on my cheeses and French croutons
Washed down with vintage wine
Return to you with bright blue eyes
Reflected in your chocolate browns
Dancing with schoolgirl delight.

Our talk meanders along seamless miles,
Unexplored and ancient paths,
Some by chance, some carefully chosen
A Lewis and Clark expedition
To discover new territories
Rummaging through Paleolithic ruins
Of stale relationships
With each rise and fall of hope
Presenting a new horizon
Desperate for congruity
Yet comfortable in an unspoken commonality

What did she say?
What has he meant?
He is so old…
She is so young…

There is the plank we walk
To the delight of alligators
And pirates of our destiny
We move step by step
Blindfolded with senses keen
Expectant that this last plunge
Will deliver us into that eternal hope
Enveloping us like an azure
Caribbean sea In that we drown,
Laughing silently
Sealed with a final interrogatory,
A temple kiss.

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