Could she have known?
It was in her eyes
And some brief moments
Years gone by
It flickers still..
That smile, innocent longing,
Distant, familiar gaze.

My deepest self knows
It will have been…
No, it was the worldʼs greatest love story.
The story lingers
Between mid-waking twilight hours
When dreams are dreams
And substance, too.
My heart still aches
Peering through cobwebbed remembrance
Around corners too painful to turn,
Down sandy roads too pristine to mar
With my lone footsteps.

Little beads of sweat
Line up indian-file
Along furrows of a once-youthful brow.
How I would that we had coalesced,
Joining, drifting, following the lay of the land
Simply for togetherness
Not caring about final destination.

Whether by my selfishness,
Her trepidation,
Or anotherʼs scorn,
I will never know,
But suspect all three
Were the brickmasons
Of the wall erected.

It was May.
Winter bleakness blown away,
Light breezes swelling the air,
Demure sweetness scenting flowered fields.
My soul became an unleashed falcon.
This time my gaze did not pass through her, beyond her.
She absorbed me completely…

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