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  1. hello. is there some sound or words missing here, Mr Kul?

    If this is you playing the guitar, I would love to hear the video. Much appreciated …and have a great weekend!


    • yup, just a pix. Used to play all folk music, Simon/Garfunkle, judy collins, joan Baez, Peter paul mary, Dillon, John Denver. played for years with
      my best friend until he died of Lou Gherig’s disease. Still play with church groups. I have an OLD CD done when we were 20 (what century was that??).
      I am unfortunately too dumb to put my poetry to music. May try someday…

      • I didnt know that one must add a bridge to a song, when composing one.

        Ref: http://www.ehow.com/how_2116663_turn-poetry-song.html….

        It’s great you’re still playing w/ church groups.

        my lil grandson, who is a mere 5, is taking guitar lessons and showed me his talents on Skype. I am pretty proud of his desire to learn. :)…
        what’s adorable is that he sings to his strumming and makes the vocals up as he goes along. You just need to do the opposite :)…lol… 🙂

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