Anarchy of the Heart


How long did senseless reign
Of feeling rule the heart?
Where all actions purposed
Deep within they start
Up from the center ushered
Protocol to write
To copy out in longhand
Dictums penned in spite
For no discerning cause
Reason then had fled
Data, schedules, certainty
Spewed forth, wasted, bled
As smiles of meaning crept then
When dawning thought birthed slow
Flew right in releasing
Kilowatts aglow
So what’s the better way now?
Is it copy, hard and fast?
Or by our sight and sound selves
Governed, decided, cast
Moving towards our eighty years
Paragraphed by rest stops
Taking in the scenery
Chuckled forbearance adopts
Chaos gone awry now
To order given way
Once anarchy of the heart
In peace holds fact at bay.

One Response

  1. Mr Kul, this one is too complex for me to comment on.

    …as for anarchy of the heart …well, I would like to think that caring for others is a positive trait and that we are capable of loving more than ourselves. We would be pretty self-centered animals otherwise, and I suppose those folks are happy but I like caring for those who deserve to be loved.

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