That’s the smallest jot,
The littlest tittle,
That looms to enormity
Under my electron microscope
Of hope
Of joy
Of seeing my crumb of self
In the mirror
Larger than life,
The flaws,
The in-humility,
Rarified heartbeats
Character at once broken
Yet fully alive
Feeding others,
Stuffing myself,
Overshadowed by the mundane,
Shrieking at narcissism,
Calmed by a single voice…
“It’s OK. Come closer…”
No longer trivial,
It is me.

One Response

  1. Hey, I think you have found significance …?? How can someone with your talent feel less than awesome?!

    I hope today is bright and beautiful for all of us…because we are Here, Alive, enjoying the simple pleasures of life…and able to share in this fun escape called …Poetry 🙂

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