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Coffee house
October 23, 2012


We sit in quiet wonderment
‘Round square candlelit tables
Pondering the meaning
Of paradoxical fables
Wrought by understanders
Played upon guitar
Questioning, answering
Who and what we are
We come a little closer
Not so much, but some
Ferreting out life-truths
Then half the battle’s won.
Half the war is fought
Half the battle played
Just half the people realize
Our lives are but half-made
To search
To ponder
To answer
And then
To question…

October 21, 2012


That’s the smallest jot,
The littlest tittle,
That looms to enormity
Under my electron microscope
Of hope
Of joy
Of seeing my crumb of self
In the mirror
Larger than life,
The flaws,
The in-humility,
Rarified heartbeats
Character at once broken
Yet fully alive
Feeding others,
Stuffing myself,
Overshadowed by the mundane,
Shrieking at narcissism,
Calmed by a single voice…
“It’s OK. Come closer…”
No longer trivial,
It is me.

What is Night?
October 6, 2012


What is night that I should sleep,

Closing my eyes, and not see thee?

What is day that I should arise,

And not see thee with my eyes wide as owls’?

What is love, that I not take you in arms,

Breathe against thy breast?

Or should I, that I not breathe at all,

To feel your very soul close by?

What is life without thee

That I should do all things in solitude,

Would be existence only,

That desert spent,

A solitary star midst uncountable nebulae,

Cold, oh, so cold…

You are the sun that heats me,

The wind that cools me,

The water that washes me,

The wings that give me flight…..