Bottled Love

A bottle of green love
Lay docile on my dresser
While shafts of languid light
Pushed through its smoky sides.
It must have thought, as bottles think That days are given solely to drink Nostalgic moments in sips
Of impassioned memories.
It never travels far
This timeless, dust-covered jar,
Ne’er far save in spirited light-years Voyaged with past lovers’ eyes and ears
Hearts endeared and lives enshrined
In lead crystal, clear as now
Opalescent past, and future, too.
But you, you the clarity constrained Until one day it dropped and drained. The decanter slowly emptied,
Its bright green gave way
To sweet air clear
The jar still sits, quite happily, queer Like a Mona Lisa smile it winks Pondering your wonderment.

2 Responses

  1. Original ..!!…..and another story to be traveled through; there are many words of journey…travel, years, voyage, lives, past, future…

    its very pretty and touching ~

  2. Love the Title! Bottled Love…spilled…and ….yet, there is happiness…

    sometimes memories are enough to keep us smiling, arent they?

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