Skylight Afternoon


Voyeur beams of sun shafts
Through the skylight play,
Dance on heavenly bodies
Embellishing sensuous display
Of love, and rapture, of life-breathed clay
We are but dust, delicately ordered
Arranged in ethereal style
Lost in mutual wonderment
Each others’ gaze beguile
Dreams of lovers all the while
With consensual inspirations
Of symphonic orchestration
Our movements flow as honey
Sweet and thick consecration
Filling voided years with our oblation.
We are but two in seas of destined pairs
Cast off by others who withdrew loves claims
Lonely, lovely, filled with gratuitous gifts,
Our Diogenes-search with separately guided aims
Divined us along parallel fames
Whose grandeurs are only seen through soul-mate eyes
To love, to hold, to please, to comfort, and to give
Today, and today, and today, as long as todays shall live…

One Response

  1. aww, truly touching are the final two lines…”as todays shall live…”…

    impressive piece once again, Dr John!

    There is a story here and I must return to read it once again…

    thank u 4 sharing ~


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