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September 29, 2012


I spotted a Dalmatian
Who did not appreciate my artistry
He disagreeably snarled
At my tapestry
Ate my brush
Along with precious black enamel
I was relieved
Upon as mongrels will
My pants dripped
I, standing still
Observing brilliant spots
Too cowardly
Unequipped to simply jot
My name on his artistry
All I could exclaim:
Dog gone!


September 29, 2012


A thousand roses would I give you,

Buy the whole red fragrant field

In some fair glen

To seal your heart

Set it afire and amend

The hurts, the wounds

The tears I’ve served

Sweet melody, golden lass

Hues of cream and primrose mingled

Draped in ivory silk for skin

It is you I smell and feel

And talk to in my dreams

You I dance with my whole life through

Come dance with me…

Bottled Love
September 28, 2012

A bottle of green love
Lay docile on my dresser
While shafts of languid light
Pushed through its smoky sides.
It must have thought, as bottles think That days are given solely to drink Nostalgic moments in sips
Of impassioned memories.
It never travels far
This timeless, dust-covered jar,
Ne’er far save in spirited light-years Voyaged with past lovers’ eyes and ears
Hearts endeared and lives enshrined
In lead crystal, clear as now
Opalescent past, and future, too.
But you, you the clarity constrained Until one day it dropped and drained. The decanter slowly emptied,
Its bright green gave way
To sweet air clear
The jar still sits, quite happily, queer Like a Mona Lisa smile it winks Pondering your wonderment.

Skylight Afternoon
September 25, 2012


Voyeur beams of sun shafts
Through the skylight play,
Dance on heavenly bodies
Embellishing sensuous display
Of love, and rapture, of life-breathed clay
We are but dust, delicately ordered
Arranged in ethereal style
Lost in mutual wonderment
Each others’ gaze beguile
Dreams of lovers all the while
With consensual inspirations
Of symphonic orchestration
Our movements flow as honey
Sweet and thick consecration
Filling voided years with our oblation.
We are but two in seas of destined pairs
Cast off by others who withdrew loves claims
Lonely, lovely, filled with gratuitous gifts,
Our Diogenes-search with separately guided aims
Divined us along parallel fames
Whose grandeurs are only seen through soul-mate eyes
To love, to hold, to please, to comfort, and to give
Today, and today, and today, as long as todays shall live…

September 24, 2012


Now another torture,

Greater than the first…

Will ashes burn??

I see my pile, neatly swept

In the center of an empty bedroom floor,

Surrounded by so much space.

A summer breeze sneaks under the door

Lapping at the edges of the grey heap.

Some fragile flakes flutter upward,

The remains shudder a collective sigh,

Too deep for words,

Too dry for tears,

Too quiet for almost any sound at all,

Sit lightly and heavily on the cold wood.

I remember when the ashes had substance,

Movement and life, smiles and laughter,

All manner of good will.

Yes, I remember.

Do those sparkling green eyes

Still behold this mound of disarticulate mud?

The lips are both wondrous and dangerous.

Wondrous at the velvet caresses on my former self,

Dangerous that they hold the very breath

That can blow these ashes

Into a cloud of dismembered passions.

I cringe.

I am waiting….for a kiss….or an exhalation

I cringe

And hope.

September 24, 2012


Lightly did she stand before me
Lightly come, and lightly gone.
Her presence like a wisp of willow
A faint breeze brushing my mind
So fleeting I couldn’t catch her
So pure I dared not touch her—
A scent and laughter,
Breath of gaiety, hinting jubilee
Summer’s cloud given form
Only by thought caresses.
I yearned for her to stay.
Other places beckoned her.
She was lightly come, and lightly gone.
Here I wait on her tomorrow—

September 21, 2012


How sweet the dreams that dress the night
That fire one’s heart with brief delight
Undispelled by morn’s first light
And breathed throughout the day.

Sonnets poured from poet’s tongue
Heart’s miseries and joys are sung
On which his hopes and fears are hung
His soul bared on display.

And you, the Golden Haunt of dreams,
The Mystery lure of scented steams
Vapors formed to contoured schemes
Morosely held at bay.

How long before my self awakes…
An empty room, save bleared opaques
You, lost again as dream forsakes—
Carpe-Diem–Seize the Day!

Stone Man
September 3, 2012

That onetime heart of clay
Molded to everyman’s whim,
Brought sunshine forth as day
Contoured by reverent verses of their hymn
Reaching deep to other’s inner selves…
The smiles that leapt forth
When he spoke and queried
Just how are you—really?
Is your sorrow truly buried?
The Empathetic Soul
Stretched out like centipede runners
Searching, always searching
The life-giving water of another’s hurts.
Meeting the red of anger
And the blue of tears
With painted desert colors of sensitivity.
Years have worn him down.
Desiccated souls insidiously sipping
Until the clay heart began to dry and dry.
First it was the humor that left.
Then the happy lines about the eyes.
Tired – oh, how tired – or was it ennui?
Finally someone stopped long enough
To knock on his heart…
It knocked back – the deadened sound,
Soft, yet deafening – of stone.
That passerby jettisoned the stony heart
Like a shot-put.
It rolled and came to rest
In a shallow wet puddle of someone’s tears.
It sponged the wetness dry—
So thirsty for all we thirst for—
Then softened – just a bit – enough to notice.
To notice itself
To notice those tears disappeared.
A smile crept on like dawn
Pushing shadows away in the early morn.
Time again, and another time.